Partner With Us

Our ambition at Bupp is to become a loyalty points exchange by embedding into partner point systems and providing customers with the opportunity to exchange points on Bupp offers, and eventually, for reward points with other merchants too.

We believe that people should be able to spend their points on the things that they want, without having any commercial impact on the companies that issue them. By having the option to spend points with the business they were earnt, as well as across Bupp’s portfolio of offers, the appeal of points is enhanced, giving people more reasons to want to earn more. 

3 Things (it’s always 3) we’re doing to reach our ambition:

  1. Enabling the two-way exchange of Bupp points and partners points by integrating into points systems via an API/Webhook or iFrame. 

  2. Enabling partners to pull through a schedule of offers into their programmes to increase customer engagement, using the Bupp API 

  3. Creating a microsite featuring offers from Bupp’s portfolio and integrating this into partners’ systems. This can be done with or without the need for loyalty points if businesses do not have them but still want a way to increase customer engagement. 

Our data shows that customers who engage with Bupp offers alongside existing features and functions in partner programmes, visit and transact more frequently… but we'd have bet a beer on that anyway ;)

If you’d like to join us, discuss how we can help you, or how you can help us, get in touch by emailing