How it Works

  • Step One
    First things first register for Bupp. Head to the ‘Sign Up/Sign In’ button on the top right of the homepage, click on ‘Sign Up Here’ (under the ‘Sign In’ button) and follow the instructions.
  • Step Two
    If you’re a customer of our ‘Points Partners’ (link at bottom of homepage) please register with the same email address you use for this account to ensure your points can be redeemed on Bupp correctly.
  • Step Three
    Go to ‘Buy Points’ to top up your points. Earn points by filling in your mobile number, your preferences & registering a payment card. Or via ‘Refer a Friend’. Find all of this in your ‘My Profile’ page.
  • Step Four
    Spend your points with our reward partners via ‘Buy It’, use them to bid on our auctions via ‘Bid It’ or donate them to charity via our ‘Points with Social Impact’ section. We are transforming your reward points.