About Us

Ironically Bupp was dreamt up as a result of our experience in setting up Virgin Red, Virgin's cross-group membership programme, plus the Coronavirus pandemic, the scourge of the hospitality sector. The virus showed how quickly pubs and restaurants can adapt, from launching delivery services to turning pubs into vaccination centres.

One adaptation was the use of apps to order and pay. Some of these apps include the chance to earn 'reward' points, which can be redeemed in the venue. This led to the idea of enabling these points to be redeemed beyond the venue and the idea for Bupp was born.

Bupp has evolved from a points exchange adding customer engagement to websites and apps across any sector to our being able to create bespoke membership programmes for our partners. 

We make the effort to work with local businesses, startups, social enterprises, and independents in our partner's cities and towns.

Our ambition goes further. We want to open up reward points and enable any point to be spent on what the owner of the points wants, especially if the point can be used to make a difference in the local community.

We've started the journey, join us for the ride!