1. Spend our partners points on Bupp. You can typically transfer from the partner app or website - make sure you resgister on Bupp using the same email address https://www.bupp.co.uk/partners 

2. You can also buy them directly from us, see here https://www.bupp.co.uk/user/account/purchasepoints . 

3. Complete your profile and we'll give you 250 points - fill in your account details (My Account Details), preferences (Preferences) and register a credit or debit card (My Cards). https://www.bupp.co.uk/User/Account/MyProfile

4. Refer a friend and we will give you and your friend 100 points. https://www.bupp.co.uk/User/Account/ReferAFriend

Firstly, register for Bupp via the 'Sign In' link on the top right of the homepage. Download the app at one of our points partners https://www.bupp.co.uk/partners. You can trasnfer points from their apps. Please note, for points to transfer from one account to your Bupp account you need to register with the same email address.

You can register for a Bupp account via the 'Sign In' link on the top right of the homepage. If you already earn points with one of our points partners and want to transfer points to Bupp, make sure you register the same email address on both accounts for points to transfer. 

Once you've clicked 'Redeem Now' and hit 'Confirm' you will be presented with a code. It's a good idea to copy this code at this time, to paste at the partners checkout process later. We also email the code to you at your Bupp registered email address. Go to the relevant partner's site and paste the Bupp code in the ‘voucher’ box during the checkout process on our partner sites.

Each auction includes details of the prize, the time left on the auction and the highest points bid. When you make a bid, the number of points you bid will be deducted from your account temporarily until the end of the auction. The points will be returned to your wallet if you are not the highest bidder at the end of the auction. You can track your 'Pending Points' in the 'My Points' page in your Profile. The highest points bid at the end of the auction wins the prize and the points bid amount are deducted from the winner's Bupp wallet. The winner will receive an email from us explaining how you claim your prize.

First check the 'My Points' section in the 'My Profile' page which tracks incoming and outgoing points. If this does not fix it please contact https://www.bupp.co.uk/contact

Go 'My Account Details' in the 'My Profile' tab - https://www.bupp.co.uk/User/Account/EditProfile

Check the 'My Purchases' section in My Profile. If you still can't find it please contact Bupp Support Team https://www.bupp.co.uk/contact

Contact our partner to check the voucher code and then contact Bupp Support Team https://www.bupp.co.uk/contact

You should contact the redeeming partner.

Bupp points typically expire after 12 months at which time the points will be forfeited. Welcome points expire after 30 days at which. time the points will be forfeited. On occasion points expiry might vary and this will be well communicated. Hopefully it won't come to this as you will have used them already! 

Sorry we are not able to refund points once they have been redeemed on Bupp or if the voucher has expired.

The value of the Bupp point does vary, details of the value per point are presented on each offer. Bupp points have no monetary value but directionally 1 points = 1p. If a points is worth more than 1p e.g. 1.1p you are getting good value for that point. 

Not at the moment, sorry. It is something we might add at a later date.

The security of your data is of the upmost importance to us. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for full details. 

We use location data so we can present local offers and content to you. We want to support the local high street and community as best possible. 

Of course - Please contact us at partnerships@bupp.co.uk